There are an infinite number of relaxation exercises. How best to relax and what is the relaxation technique that best suits you, each of us must determine for themselves. Relaxation exercises help a balance to everyday life. The Inner Balance is important for body and soul.

We must every day give their best, whether at work or in private life.

Those who have no periods of rest, allows, come quickly to its limits and then often with little things overwhelmed. The immune system suffers, it is even scientifically proven that Stressed get sick more frequently.

A regular change between Anspannungs and relaxation phases strengthens namely the immune system. It also helps relaxation to ease pain or even completely eliminate it. When we are relaxed, we feel calm and balanced. Conflicts and problems can not so quickly throw it off track. It looks more relaxed, more creative and also more concentrated.

It is important there are several relaxation techniques to be aware of and try to the right to find it for themselves. You can find in your everyday life, not the peace and quiet of new techniques to try? A Gesundheitsreise is then ideal for you – a small Erholungsauszeit plus tips and a new perspective to your everyday life.

Sports – stress reduction through movement

Movement is a simple way to quick relaxation.

Walking, walking, Jogging, Cycling or swimming is ideal. Also going out with friends and go dancing can tension be relieved. And, of course, can also proper work out in the Form of Squash or Spinning a beneficial physical and mental relaxation effect.

Yoga – the path to inner peace

Yoga is considered chic, healthy and performance and is becoming more and more popular sport. More than 5 million Germans practice regular Yoga, and more than 200,000 yoga teacher, there are already in Germany. Also artists and celebrities of all kinds are practicing Yoga as well as the German national football team. It combines physical Exercises, Meditation, breathing and concentration exercises. The Indian based relaxation method is more of a philosophical doctrine. As a beginner, it makes sense that a Yoga course to visit with the Exercises to make them familiar. A true relaxing retreat is, for example, the Spirit & Spa Hotel Birkenhof am Elfenhain. Relax and splash around in the multi-storey Spa and sauna, mitverschiedenen saunas and a beautiful rooftop terrace with Pool.

Qi Gong – more than Meditation

Qigong (Chigong) is often underestimated, because the Qi Gong Meditation is more than just Meditation, it is much more of a way of life.

It is a form of exercise from China. There are concentration, breath and movement exercises, and Meditation combined. The movements are rather slow and quiet.The objective is that the life energy Flowing to keep and blockages of energy to solve. Qi Gong is in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). And since latest it is also common in gyms offered, more and more hotels are putting on Qi Gong can provide your guests with a piece of quality of life is to give back.

Tai chi Chuan – the Royal road

Tai Chi translated means the “highest principle”. Chuan means fist or Boxing.

Chi means breath, energy or steam. Tai Chi Chuan is the martial arts emerged and is regarded in China as the Royal road. A Central pillar of Tai Chi Chuan is the movement form of Yang Chengfu, the greatest Tai Chi masters of the 20th century. Century, was set. Tai Chi is an ancient Movetype, with the aim of inner blockages to resolve.It consists of various figures, the animal behavior is simulated, or flowing sequence of movements in slow-motion run.

This relaxation method is an essential part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Through Tai Chi can, for example, the breathing, the cardiovascular and the nervous system have a positive influence. The Exercises ensure a harmonization of Ying and Yang.Tai Chi not only has a positive impact on our physical performance and promotes the health, but also cultivated the spirit and character.

Body, mind, and soul, you can, for example, in the Gesundheitszentrum Johannesbad Jovitalis in accordance with the selected means of nature, and according to the latest medical findings. You can focus on what’s really important: themselves. Discover and experience Aktivkurse, such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga or Pilates.

Jin Shin Jyutsu – in search of the energy centers

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a healing technique to harmonize the life energy.

It is an age-old from Japan coming relaxation method.

At the whole body and hands, 26 energy differences, for a better relaxation can be enabled.

Energy blockages through touch is released and the body finds again the inner Balance. This relaxation technique can through self-study to be learned.

Progressive muscle relaxation after Jacobson

During the Progressive muscle relaxation alternating with individual groups of muscles of the body tense and then relaxed again. It is all the muscle groups of the body. The goal is a deep Entspannungsgrad to achieve. The more often one Exercises, the faster you are able to, very quickly into a relaxed state.

Sauna – relaxation due to heat

Heat loosens the muscles and stimulates the blood circulation. Pain can so easily be alleviated. Heat is one of the oldest relaxation techniques. After a sauna session you will feel but usually like “new born”.

Also relaxing bath at home can quick try, dimmed light, relaxing music, and you can let your mind wander.

Relaxation massages – 100% relax

A relaxing massage can relaxation and enhance well-being.

The body is relaxed and only works passively. A massage therapist knows exactly where it hurts or blockages, and these can be eliminate.

Music – balm for the soul

In music, tension, calm and good mood.

It does not matter whether one listens to music, whether it even plays an Instrument, a melody of whistles, hums or sings. The barometer proposes immediately from Zero to a Hundred. Special relaxation music provides absolute harmony: flutes and performances for, nature sounds like chirping of birds, murmur of a brook, ocean surf and waves in the Surf to hit, or maybe a rock concert? Find out for yourself what you calming.

Scents – enliven the senses

Also scents can relax, lavender, Rose, rosemary, Orange, and many others serve the relaxation. Or the smell of a freshly brewed Cup of tea or coffee revives also the senses. You must all just be aware and enjoy.

Laughter is healthy

Laughter may, in addition to many other positive physical changes to the loosening of the restrictions and relaxation. The number of stress hormones in the body decreases significantly. Click here cara mengatasi gula darah secara alami

You don’t have to situations to wait for, a Laugh.

Through targeted Exercises from laughter yoga, you can itself in the Laughter exercise. A relaxation exercise of some other items

Specific breathing exercises like abdominal breathing or diaphragmatic breathing

In abdominal breathing you inhale first, deep in the belly, so the belly curves outward. Then just fill the chest cavity with air. When breathing out it decreases, first the chest, then the stomach. The breathing sets you unconsciously, when one is asleep or really relaxed. It is the healthiest and breathing, you can consciously and purposefully, to a tiefenEntspannungszustand to achieve.


No matter what Entspannungsart one chooses, the main thing you can completely relax… everyone must decide for themselves what is good and relaxed. It is important at all phases to enjoy and unwind.

A Thermalbadebesuch means a short break for the soul to escape from the stresses of everyday life. This novemberartigen weather in may, I had to go out into the Friedrichsbad in Baden-Baden, a very special Spa.

The Friedrichsbad in Baden-Baden promises to be a traditional bathing experience like in 19. Century (opened in 1877). It was not too much promised, already the entrance impresses with its architecture and also in the Thermalbadebereich I come from the Marvel not more out. A downside are the changing rooms and the sanitary facilities – they exude a 70-years-charm.

The Friedrichsbad is in the same two wings divided, men and women bathe separately. But there are also some mixed days. FYI: it is Nacktbadepflicht! For the visit you need nothing to carry; Slippers, towels and creams and Shampoo are provided. The towels are reminiscent of Roman tunics, and also when our not existing winding technology on a rather Schlossgespenst remember

In total, we iterate through 17 Badestationen. Known begins a Thermenbesuch with showers – also quite an experience. Giant shower heads from the 19. Century exude a charm from the weddings of the cure tourism. The water regulation provides us with first, a bit of a puzzle, but even that is quickly solved: a monstrous lever, the one of the left and right pushes, determines the temperature.

First, warm up our body, in a hot – air and Warmluftraum. Matching Slippers are also provided – the ground is so hot that it is this mandatory to wear it. Then follows, depending on the booking the Seifenbürstenmassage. Excess skin particles are runtergeschrubbt – in the truest sense of the word – with relaxation has unfortunately not have much in common. What to the noise is: the Massagebanken stand in the middle of a room to the next Station, the steam room. On the other reminds the Seifenbürstenmassage more akin to Assembly – line work- the Russian Sergeant, pardon the masseuse, scrubbing in the chord to my body and gives me as a sign of Massageendes, a slap on the Butt with the words “So, ready to get Up. Next please!“ Relaxation looks different, but our skin is now perfectly prepared for the thermal baths. The Beckentemperatur of the five thermal pools with 36°C to reach its peak, then it is again cooler.

The absolute Highlight is the domed hall, one of two stations, in which men and women always are together. Here is the whole splendor of the bathing culture of the 19. Century visible – you don’t know, where you first have to look at. So many ornaments, statues, decorations – really impressive! Therefore, the visit is definitely worth it.

Overcoming waiting at Station no. 13 – the VAT of cold water with a cold of 18°C. However, already at the next Station and waited for the hot shower to us. Warmed towels were given to us to Dry gerreicht – wonderful! A own Cremestation there also, with deliciously fragrant body lotions. The version consists of a cream massage, after the disappointing Seifenbürstenmassage we have the but bleibenlassen. Then it went for a half hour in the relaxation room, where we in cuddly blankets were Packed. The time flew by literally as in the sleep – drowsy it went to the last Station, the reading room. With a Cup of tea crawled we the latest celebrity gossip magazines. Also click cara menyembuhkan kencing manis secara alami

The world iron deficiency to the health problems that occur most frequently. Affected are approximately 30 percent of the population. The symptoms may be entirely different, which you may often not even with a deficiency of iron in conjunction.

Why the body needs iron?

The human body needs iron, especially that of the metabolism and the oxygen transport from the lungs to the cells is ensured. Make sure you have an adequate supply of iron so that your body is the red blood pigment haemoglobin to form. Otherwise the red blood cells the oxygen is not effectively transported. Every day your body uses iron, which him about the food can use.

Children and seniors usually have a higher Iron requirement. Operate competitive sports, you’ll also need a higher supply of iron to make, as they have more minerals through the sweating lose, and here again a balance must.

Iron deficiency – symptoms and consequences

With an iron deficiency may experience different symptoms, such as fatigue and listlessness. This should not ignore them, but you go to the bottom. A dry, pale skin can be a sign of iron deficiency. They suffer more often under dizziness or headaches, the just as first sign of too little iron in the body. Another warning signal that your body is in iron deficiency shows can include shortness of breath, or an excessive huffing and Puffing, if you, for example, stairs have risen.

Which iron deficiency is caused

An iron deficiency is mainly due to a mismatch between the iron intake through food, through an increased iron loss with bleeding and an increased need for iron in the body. The most effective source of iron is animal meat-especially red meat. In the Tiermuskulatur is the substance Myoglobin, contain plenty of good absorbable iron.
Iron deficiency prevention

The human body absorbs the iron from meat is better, as is the case with vegetables. The Eisenanteil of plant foods your body can only difficult to process, much easier if he succeeds in this with animal products, such as fish or meat. If you are not a avid meat-eater, you can also, of course, eisenreiches vegetables to fall back such as spinach and beetroot. Experts recommend alike whole grains and legumes, to prevent iron-deficiency anemia.

So a deficiency of iron to prevent can, you should just pay attention to the type of food the absorption of iron when consumed eisenreicher food hamper. It depends mainly on the combination of foods. The food, which the absorption of iron inhibit, include, among other things

black tea,


Calcium salts (in various mineral waters included),

Oxalates (in different vegetables contain= and

Phosphates, for example, in dairy products,

to name just a few. The absorption of iron, however, you can make it easier when you are in your diet

Proteins from fish, poultry and meat,

Citric acid and

Vitamin C rich foods

Almost half of the Germans denied themselves almost entirely to the Sport. But this can be fatal for the body and soul. Often one takes, movement in his daily schedule to fit it over then start with the Training and the Motivation is suddenly in a blink blown away. However, as you start slow and over the long term, regular exercise can meet and how you the Region of Tegernsee-Schliersee here wants to help, tells Dr. med. Hubert Hörterer, specialist for orthopedics and sports medicine, physical and rehabilitative medicine. All beginning is difficult. What tips do you have for couch potatoes?

Dr. med. Hubert Hörterer: Who, after a long break again in a Sport want to join, should first have a performance test. So can the overall performance established and progress during training to be controlled.

First, it makes sense, in a Studio to train, in the experienced performance diagnostician, physiotherapist and certified sports instructor are available. Individual endurance and mobility training, and light strength training to prepare the body optimally on the favorite sport.

What sports are particularly well-suited for a gentle Sporteinstieg?

Sports in the fresh air makes twice as much fun. Do so outside and try the various soft sports such as cross-country skiing, Nordic Walking or Cycling. Just eBiken is a wonderful way of slowly again with the Sport to begin. Who after an injury or surgery with the Sport would like to start, but still feel insecure, we offer from 2014, a special program.

Health also plays in the holiday is playing an increasingly important role. Because a change in behavior to succeed in the vacation much easier than the way in everyday life. The Alpine region Tegernsee-Schliersee has a project, the people back to the Sport that should lead to life. What is included in the project?

We create in the moment a specific technique-tactics-methodology-programme, the people should allow, after an injury, an accident or a surgery again to Ski. Also people with artificial joints should be so again in the way back to your favourite sport and find. Of course, because we think immediately of the risks that may arise. We follow, however, clearly to the motto: better to better advise and guide, instead of the Sport to prohibit, and the Patient makes on his own is nonsense. And the Alpine region Tegernsee Schliersee offers the perfect opportunity to gently reconnect with the skiing start – by the best suitable slopes, well-trained instructors and sports therapists cara menurunkan kadar gula dalam darah secara alami and Doctors.

It is particularly important to us must be accompanied by a doctor, for Check-up and monitoring during the program.

The aim of the programme is there, the Fears and uncertainties to reduce, to recognize hazards and to take into account and increasing road safety.

After two to you work, researchers have completed the development of a new sensor that can determine the levels of az car in the blood by a medici n of saliva glucose concentrations.

This sensor could mean a great relief for many people with diabetes (like me) that exist in the world (estimated it s the United States there are 26 million), who, to check their glucose levels, must often rely on extracted blood through a puncture, one m all invasive and which produces, even shortly, some pain.

The concentration in human saliva glucose n is usually around 100 times less than its n concentration in the blood. Therefore, so far was too tico problem trying to measure it in saliva using devices that were enough pr practical and cheap.

The new sensor, developed by scientific graphics of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, United States, is based on the nanotecnolog advances, as as the nica plam of surface.

CR image credits: Domenico Pacifici

The next step that you plan to give the engineer Domenico Pacifici, Professor at the Recibido University team, is to begin testing the t technique in real cases of people with diabetes. The ultimate goal is to develop a device small, cheap and f easy-to-use, containing everything needed for the measurements, and that is offer people with diabetes a way non-invasive monitor your glucose levels.

Technology to devised for the sensor can be adapted for the detection n of many other substances in inter s, including toxins present in the air or the water, or to monitor in real time in the laboratory the progress of reactions qu Muscovites as they progress in the surface of the sensor.

In the work of research and development have participated also n Tayhas Palmore, Jing Feng, Vince Siu and Patrick W. Flanigan.

Definitely makes one you atr s, this type of progress were a sue or for many of us that we share our journey of life with diabetes. But you have to go with patience, because the pr ximo step is to test this t technique in real cases of people with diabetes. Buttonhole all be friendly and can have access to this new device. As those who have diabetes can do to rest our fingers so many pricks. At least in my case, mido glucose sometimes 10 to 15 d, since n I’m setting some things in my treatment. I have what I call “traces of struggle” which are small black spots of each prick for that drop of blood which tells me c est n mo my glucose levels. But with the a, s are not black spots but that has come to form calluses due to my compa was travel. But let’s be cautious and I promise you that the keep informed about any developments in this regard. Click here for the best information about diabetes and cara menurunkan kadar gula dan darah tinggi

RA z-news of which saw Anne Sandison, who is became Miss Idaho 2014 and was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 for two to you, proud showed his insulin pump in your swimsuit or on the catwalk during the show, has started a movement to m s people dare to show the various devices that use.

Now she is encouraging everyone to upload a photo of themselves s showing your pump insulin, dexcom, continuous glucose monitor or whatever you used for the treatment of his diabetes on any social media platform.

This is definitely a way to raise awareness and inspire the dem s people, have diabetes or not, that no matter what type of challenges we have in life, that we should not be ashamed at nothing.

I was saving this picture for alg n post where to speak about the liberating thing is show as we are, even though we do not fit with the c odd beauty that media n, as says it Sierra Sandison or mo c, impose us many times, our society makes us feel out of place.

I am obviously not Sierra Sandison, nor have the statuesque figure that she looks, but in this photo to may n see me showing my insulin pump and my continuous glucose monitor with pride on the beach at the beginning of this or, in midsummer.

Does many-to you to dej I care what people thinks and thinks to look at me or the malicious comments that often one perceived. I show that I wear an insulin pump without ning n type of “roche”, “verg enza” or negative feelings. I have no why hide that live with type 1 diabetes and when someone has approached me to ask what is I have ah, I have taken the time to inform and educate a little about diabetes.

Everything is issue n accept as one is, with the “backpack” that touched us charge in this life and all obst asses and challenges presented to us, as as with artifacts – electr nicos or not – that we have used in our body in order to have a better control of any complaints to.

That is why, for a long time that my health is my priority and for her I do what I have to do and I put what I have to put in any part of the body.

We continue with this campaign to because nobody should feel less beautiful or beautiful to bring an accessory m dico “glued” to one.

Our life is filled with words m dicas, of advising cient fico, new words that no hab masters heard “or at cock fight” (so never) and sounding each m s rare that the other, haci us put face sign of interrogaci n by how confused we are. However, soon learn them and use m routine s become familiar and even end up forming part of our vocabulary & ndolas to our d a to d to.

One of these words is: n. glucag Gluca qu? We ask ourselves thinking that we have heard wrong, but it is as.. .are called glucag n and is one of the main hormones hiperglucemiantes (which have raised the level of az car in blood) of our body. Occurs in c, Alpha cells of the islets of Langerhans of the p ncreas, same ah where the beta cells c manufactured insulin.

Glucag emergency kit n

CR photo credit: Marcelo Gonz lez

A person who does not have diabetes, these small as islands of cells c of hypersecretion n internal are located within the structure of the p ncreas surrounded by the c cells producing digestive juices.

The n function is to regulate the concentration n of glucose in the blood. Therefore, when the blood glucose rises increases the hypersecretion of insulin n, which encourages entry of az car to the c cells and your metabolism, decreasing by l gica n its concentration in blood. On the contrary, when the low blood sugar, the islets secrete glucag n, which is responsible for stimulating the gado h to release its reserve of glucose, which is what is needed at this time to restore the balance.

It is therefore that all the person that we use insulin, whether you have diabetes type 1 or type 2, must have a glucag emergency kit n at home to counteract severe hypoglycemia. This type of hypoglycemia is that az car low in the blood during which can not administer anything by v to oral, because we’ve passed out losing consciousness.

If we have a controlled diabetes and n have the signs that alert us to a Hypoglycemia is coming, not duty masters get to use kit glucag n. But as each person is a world apart and by l so every body reacts differently to the same, it is always best to be prepared. As they say, better prevent than lament.

But not enough with that we know c mo use it, as if we need it is because we are unconscious and in this case is “a little dif cil” (being nica go) that are going to apply the injection n. That is why, it is so important that they know someone from our close environment c mo acting against this kind of emergency and know what it is glucag n kit and r quickly can locate it.

Glucag n kit should be stored in a place where all members of our family can find it f easily, preferably in the refrigerator, along with insulin.

Glucag n kit is a box pl feature Orange, within which are a small or bottle where est glucag powder and a syringe with solvent – n which is water est ril-ready mix and have the solution n.

Inside the box, come the instructions and suggestions about its use n, which should be read carefully to avoid making ning n error in the mix or your application n.

It is not advisable to take the glucag n each time that we left and to all sites, as if to n character plastics of a hypoglycemia symptoms we feel we can treat v to oral without ning problem. It is recommended to take one when we do something little com n and that will require much effort f Basic or we are going to be away from home.

In the most cases, after administering the injection n blood sugar levels caused an climb to get to normal in a few minutes. Overcome once the emergency duty masters contact our disruptor logo or m physician treating to analyze why occurred this episode.

Thanks to God, in the nearly 32 to you that I have diabetes, I have never used the glucagon emergency kit and hope to continue as many to you m s.

Read more: harga tahitian noni untuk diabetes

As promised, it is debt, here the magnification n of the news that today, by the ana ma, publiqu about the artificial ncreas p.

The to control rises and decreases in glucose form nica mec without the need to be doing pinchanzos on the skin often is the sue or anyone with type 1 diabetes, like me, and parents whose children have this disease.

The artificial ncreas p is one of the projects where m s hopes people with type 1 diabetes have deposited. A device that improves our quality of life capable of controlling the amount of insulin that we need to form policy automatically, in every moment and avoiding having to click us. A device that when you commit their effectiveness through all the tests that are necessary to achieve that people with diabetes are much more independent in decision s and together with our diabetes in another way.

Data from two studies published in The New England Journal of Medicine bring us a little m s this sue or, as they show in a small group of patients–adults and teenagers – that it is possible to control glycemia with artificial ncreas p.

Those responsible for the work, researchers from Boston University and the General Hospital of Massachusetts (USA), lead to you evaluating this tool to check if it is safe and effective in the control of blood sugar levels and avoid as much rises from az car, Hyperglycemia, and downspouts, lows.

In fact, in 2010 published data from a similar study, but with fewer participants. The data published now correspond to the evaluation of a new version that used device n makes four to you. “The key element of the new version n is that it is port til, allowing participants to be doing their normal lives, doing exercise and eating what they want,” says Steven Russell, co-author of the study and Professor of medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

In the two studies this super device our expectations in terms of ability to regulate glucose, preventing hypoglycemia and adapt autom automatically to the varied and different needs of adults, some of which were very sensitive to insulin, and teenagers, who normally require higher doses of insulin, says Edward Damiano, of the Department of engineering at Biom medical of Boston University and principal investigator of the project. “There is no current therapy standard that could be compared with the results that we have seen,” he said.

The artificial ncreas in this version p American n is formed by an extra sensor ble, inserted under the skin using a fine needle, controlling blood glucose levels in real time. These data are sent every five minutes to a phone mobile phone mobile (iPhone 4S), which is a software that is able to communicate and control two n. infusion pumps Funci n If these levels are high or low, activates a pump or another, i.e. administered insulin or its opposite hormone, glucag n. Adem s, this vile m has an application (app) n for which patients enter information immediately before eating. The App asks if the meal is breakfast, lunch or dinner and the carbohydrate content be the usual, more or less.

In one of the studies, 20 adults took for five days this device while permanec an within an area of something less than a kil underground in the city of Boston, which permit monitoring by wireless from the team of researchers. All were designed by a nurse accompanied 24 hours a day to and sleeping in a hotel, but by the dem s carried out a normal life. In the second study, 32 j venes from 12 to 20 to, carried the device the same time while they were at a camp of j people with type 1 diabetes. Also were controlled by this team of professionals during this time.

Artificial ncreas p reduced average glucose values to levels that relate to an important risk of complications diab ticas n reduction, says Russell. These levels were 138 mg/dL in blood in adults and 142 in the j venes. “This is tremendously cil dif with the technology available today, so the more a people with diabetes are unable to achieve these levels”.

On the other hand, the device also gives reduce the number n of interventions by lows 37% and m s of twice the time with this problem in adults taking it in n comparison with those manual insulin pump. In adolescents, the results showed twice less performances by hypoglycemia. Adem s both groups showed higher levels of glucose with the artificial ncreas p, above all during the night.

Even if n is much to do and test, this is a breakthrough for people we have type 1 diabetes. To this type of news, we know that they are still looking for ways to make life a little m s f cil. Hopefully that this technology to run s the cl nicos trials, but that can help people who we have type 1 diabetes, as soon as possible.

Hope is the last thing you lose, tell us… and in this case we are witnessing that there is magical technological advances and studies and research are made, the important thing is that this technology to you can reach many parts of the world and accessible to the large greater than. Click here mengatasi penyakit gula darah

Let’s keep hope alive…

As in alg point les coment, not all people we have diabetes are equal, nor respond equally to different circumstances. There are many factors involved in each of our actions and is therefore what is someone not necessarily to another.

For example, last night I had one of those lows that are annoying… those who do not like much – in reality who likes to feel bad, truth? – and less at that time.

HAB to had a d to hectic celebrating the birthdays you of most of my nieces and I amused taking photos to “skillful and sinister”, so I what nico wants to was my bed… but my desires were not possible because my company was adventure is epby be back where deb to be: in range.

Because as you know, when one presents a hypoglycemia, and in this case of 57 mg/dL, must put in pr practice 15 rule: eat 15 grams of carbohydrates and wait the 15 minutes that the Protocol of the person with diabetes is wing, to measure glucose to us and see if we’re on the right track: retrieve us. If n we follow with low glucose, we return to consume 15 grams carbohydrates s m.

Do not forget that they must ingest carbohydrates of acci n r order as water with az car, sugary juice, soda (not light), tablets of glucose, etc.

S that sometimes dif cil is to calculate the 15 grams of carbohydrates and bad from that is that many times we end up sobretratando hypoglycemia, bounced and arrived to a hyperglycemia… to my happened to me several times. So it is always good to talk to other people with diabetes and see what use because, quiz, also can come to us n.

When we don’t have glucose tablets (that is what best works for me, already s cu ntas should I eat and do not get to over-treatment downward), must turn to others r carbohydrate ask oxygen n. Let us remember that we’re trying to low glucose and not the symptoms of the same s, if it is n they have them, in my case, there is almost no s symptoms.

Marcelo de recently my friends candy and Elena gave me a tip: 5 gummies Frugel it is to treat the hiccups (lows), and oh surprise!… to my also n find it me. Thanks for the tip guys, because glucose tablets, they do not sell in Lima but s the gummies. Eye that not everyone is equal, as I said to them at the beginning of this post, who should always consult his doctor treating cu l is the best strategy to treat a hypoglycemia.

But as you can see to my me tom a little m s of time achieve a stable blood sugar. Instead of 15 or 20 minutes, my company was travel is tom reci n, and their time after 52 minutes I decided to stabilize, d ndome quiet he needed to be able to fall into the arms of Morpheus.

The truth is that after so many to you with my company was travel (31 a you already) not always glucose goes up during the same period of time, sometimes it takes m s, sometimes less and this is due to the neuropat to auton mica I have.

Anyway, the good thing about all this is that my glucose remained stable during all the morning and I could enjoy a restful break, without alarms.

I could handle my hypoglycemia and happily had, what I call, the “rebound effect” that leaves me with headache and general malaise throughout the body. You see that every person is a world apart and whether it’s diabetes with m s raz b. In this occasion n prob what Marcelo and Elena told me that it works and happily to my also n. For this reason it is always good to be in contact with people who go through the same experiences to us, because we always learn something new :)

Today we’ll share what helps us to cope with a hard day of work. Or m s spec specifically, an d to hard in our life with diabetes. Something positive you say you same? There are mantras that lend a hand to help you overcome? Something specific traffic that you do when your State’s minimum needs a boost? Maybe we’ve done it and we can help that the dem also s n do so? (Thanks to Meri of Our Diabetic Life for suggesting this topic.)

Let’s see… a mantra is a word s nscrita which refers to sounds (s labas, words, phonemes, or groups of words), seg n some beliefs have power psicol magical or spiritual. Mantras may or may not have literal meaning or practical sint.

The term mantra t comes from man-(s nscrito “mind”) and the instrumental suffix – tra. It is used primarily to designate the f formulas in verse and prose which are pronounced during ceremonies lit allergic; This should not amaze if we consider that it is precisely in rituals where gestures, words and thoughts acquire its maximum efficiency (sec n Wikipedia).

When I have a d to very hard with my diabetes and I feel totally overwhelmed and want to “throw in the towel”, I usually tell me same m:

One step at a time, a d to at the same time… Cath”.

my favorite things – #dblogdiabetes 7 d

As we have completed another week of the Diabetes Blog, m s known as the Diabetes Blog Week, we are going to share some of our favorite things of the week. This can be anything, from a post that you loved, a fantastic new rustic blog (for you) that you have found, an image that someone included in a post and that you spoke, or left comments in your blog that made you sonre r. Anything that you liked it is worth to share it!

This is my last post for the # DBlogWeek. Before writing anything m s on the topic of today, I want to thank Karen Graffeo of Bitter Sweet Diabetes by encouraging to blogs written in other languages (other than English s) to participate in this week’s the Diabetes Blog. This is the first time I participated and I loved the challenge of writing every d a on a subject determined just like all dem respondents. S what I perd post Friday (5 d) by t technical problems. But 6 of 7 d as is not bad for the first time, no?

I also want to congratulate and thank Karen, once m s, by the Organization of the Diabetes Blog Week which already carries 5 to you! That’s impressive, as well as the work read and discuss each of the post of different bloggers… tremendous work!

The things I m s I liked or my favorite things this week have been to be able to participate in the Diabetes Blog Week this or and hope I can make it to or coming. Grommet for the pr ximo to o, m s bloggers of our Latino community that we write in espa ol, we can be part of this great event.

Discover new blogs (that read by m s detail when you have a little time m) and be able to see the quality of the posts of all the participants. Also I loved the n number of new bloggers who were inspired to write and participate for the first time in this event, as as being able to read and learn about different perspectives that each of us has the same theme.

And finally, I loved that Vicki I mentioned within your post of “Favorite things”, because to go reading it was drawing on my face a huge smile, the less someone within the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) law my blog and recognizes it. Thank you for this obat herbal untuk diabetes kering!