This season sees the rise of the tracksuit top as a coveted office staple. Lee Holmes asks why it’s time to ditch the shirt and tie in favour of athleisure layers. – Jilbab Instan

After what seems like an eternity of buttoned-up suiting being rammed down our throats – your success at tying a half-windsor could make or break you – there’s now a noticeable shift in menswear. Designers are relaxing the rules about what can be worn with tailoring. At the Spring/Summer 16 collections, there was a definite blurring of the traditional sartorial lines, with sportswear rather than shirts and ties, increasingly worn under the whistle and flute. What was once an uneasy marriage between both smart and casual, has now been pitched as a match made in heaven. – Jilbab Instan

Usually, it’s advisable to take what designers say with a healthy dollop of scepticism. Yet this particular trend – which has been given the tag athleisure – shouldn’t be dismissed: it reflects almost perfectly the way we live our work lives right now. The reality is that many of us are in a constant state of motion, using our phones and tablets as mobile offices, so it makes sense that our wardrobe should reflect this. Layering a comfortable piece of sportswear – say a fancy cycling top – under your tailored jacket isn’t such a bad idea: think Wes Anderson in The Royal Tenenbaums – only minus the sweat band. – Jilbab Instan

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can wear this kit for a workout at the gym, throw on a suit, and then haul your sweaty ass straight over to the office. Body odour aside, these sporty clothes aren’t intended to do anything remotely sporty. Ever. And if you’re still not convinced then don’t forget that wearing sportswear as everyday isn’t an entirely new concept; the classic polo shirt is a wardrobe staple whether you canter around on a polo pony or not. – Jilbab Instan

Forest is a large area in which contain between concrete batching plant plants and various animals and various other nonliving elements, creating a climate and environmental conditions are distinctively different from outside the region. For life, forests have an important role by providing a variety of benefits, because it’s existence should be maintained and preserved. Many facts that can be learning that if forests are destroyed, the forests will be threatened by the arrival of a disaster that can not be predicted.

So who will be affected by disasters resulting from forest destruction? Is it just people who live in and around the forest alone? Of course not. For that, we must have a love of the forest in order to participate to maintain and preserve it.

So that we have a love of the forest, it helps us to know about some of the benefits of forests for life. Variety of forest benefits shows that forests are precious wealth for us. So we will want to participate in maintaining and preserving the forest. By awake and the conservation of forests, the forest resources will provide benefits to the public continuously, for a better future.

The following simple description of nine diverse benefits of forests for life:

Forests provide clean air
The air was fresh because the oxygen produced by the existing trees in the forest through the process of photosynthesis. The trees in forests also release water vapor so that the humidity is maintained. In addition, trees in forests also absorbed carbon dioxide is harmful if inhaled by human excess. Carbon dioxide derived from human activities such as motor vehicle fumes, factory smoke, human respiratory process, and the smoke of household activities.

With the forest on earth, the air becomes clean and fresh. Instead, destruction of forests resulted in the production of oxygen to the atmosphere is considerably reduced, and the concentration of carbon dioxide is increasing so that the temperature of the Earth is getting hotter.

Forests provide a source of clean water
Some sources state that despite the availability of water in the world is abundant, but the water that can be consumed by humans for drinking purposes only five percent, while the rest is sea water. Likewise, although the volume of water in the air that falls as rain is abundant, but when the rain reaches the earth’s surface, which becomes a steady stream of only 25%, and nearly three-quarters of its waste into the sea.

These figures show that the importance of forests as a store of water and keep it in the soil as the water supply for humans. Participated in the destruction of forests adds to the reduced availability of fresh water resources. When forests are not maintained and preserved, the water crisis will be experienced by us.

Forests prevent flooding and erosion
The roots of the trees in the forest can store water in times of drought and prevent flooding in the rainy season. As a result of floods and landslides can be controlled. This is because the forest has a great ability to absorb and store rainwater. If there are no forests, rain water should be fed on the surface of the ground, causing landslides, as well as the flow of water in the river will rise dramatically, causing flooding. Conversely, if there is a forest, rain water will be trapped by litter are numerous in forest soils, then absorbed by the soil pores. During the dry season, water is absorbed into the water table will be streamed piecemeal through springs and flowing as a river, so that there was no drought.

Forests hold seawater intrusion
In coastal areas, forests resist the entry of salt water to the mainland (intrusion). It’s very important to support farming in coastal areas. Sea water intrusion into daatan will resulted in an increasingly reduced water because groundwater is contaminated with seawater which has a salty taste. So even with the agricultural businesses will be disrupted due to the availability of fresh water for irrigation on the wane. Intrusion often lead to crop failure.

The forest as a place to live animals
The forest is a lively variety of wildlife such as dwarf buffalo, hog deer and various species of birds. Besides being a place to stay, forest beperan well as suppliers and caterers, as well as a breeding ground for the animals that live in it. For the forest ecosystem, the presence of animals in the spread of plant seeds and rejuvenate the forest. Deforestation will lead to diminishing wildlife habitat, as a result many animals that eventually bekeliaran in plantation to residential areas.

Forests provide timber and non-timber
Forests provide timber products that are useful for buildings materials, fuel, etc. Forests also provide non-timber forest products such as fruits, seeds, pandanus, rattan, resin and honey. Timber forest products is usually charged for the direct use by the local community or merchantability.

Forests as a source of food
Forests provide food for the local population that includes a source of protein, a variety of fruits and seeds. Various varieties of food that can be taken from the forest such as vegetables, including a variety of ferns and tubers, various fruits and mushrooms, corn, honey, fish and other freshwater animals.

Fish and freshwater animals in rivers and lakes in the forests help meet the needs of animal protein forest communities. Gathering food from the forest, hunting and fishing are additional activities for forest communities. If the forest is missing, then take honey, fish, sago and other forest products will no longer be a source of livelihoods.

Forests as a source of germplasm and producing drugs
Indonesia’s tropical forests is one of the biggest forest decisive for the life of many living things on earth. Rain and abundant sunshine all the time, creating a habitat that is ideal for the growth of a variety of flora and fauna. Some plants and animals with high species diversity has evolved over many years in the history of tropical rain forest. Has found 28,000 species of plants, 350,000 species of animals and 10,000 microbes that naturally live in Indonesia. This amount, may continue to grow after the study by experts flora and fauna. Therefore, Indonesia is famous as one of the countries that have megadiversity types of biological and is Megacenter world’s biodiversity.

Forests act as a source of germplasm (gene sources) because in the forest there are plants and animals that have superior properties. Forest is also a producer of various types of medicinal herbs. Many types of medicinal plants that are found in the forest.

Forests as a provider of natural attractions
In addition to storing a variety of plants and animals, forests also have the potential to be a beautiful natural scenery and can be used as an object in nature tourism activities. Nature tourism is a special interest tours, suitable for those who crave the quiet atmosphere but fresh air. Or for those who crave the sounds of nature such as birdsong in the wild, the wind, the rush of the waterfall, because every day the ears are tired of hearing the hustle bustle of the plant or vehicle. Or also crave soft colors such as the color of moss that grows on trees and green leaves.

How to make a tomato mask it is not difficult, but it is easy. There are several ways to create a mask that you can peraktekkan tomatoes at home, from an article I read About a 4-5 no way, but I just take the easy course and material mixtures commonly encountered around us.

Before we discuss the manufacturing process it is better if we know in advance the benefits of the tomato fruit masks for face beauty if we use tartur. Let’s refer to the following:
Benefits of Tomato Fruit Mask On Face

1. Clean dirt on the skin

Vitamins and Nutri in tomatoes can remove impurities in the skin. The trick is to blend or crush tomatoes kemudain we make masks, we can also add avocado on your mask material. Please note if the skin is sensitive, tomatoes contain high enough levels of acid, first try a little and feel whether our skin responds well (refreshing) or negative (hot). If the negative should not proceed.

2. Minimize the pores of the skin

Otmat fruit is refreshing and cool, the pores can be enlarged when the temperature pans whereas when exposed to stimuli that cool the skin pores will shrink. How to make a mask of tomatoes, usefulness would be good if the added plus with lemon.

3. Black spots and acne disappear slowly

Vitamin C and acid in the tomato antioxidant bersifa or racukn repellent and dirt on the skin. Do it regularly with tomatoes until 2 weeks later the results will be seen.

4. Resolved oily facial skin

Oily skin has become one of the factors ease facial acne affected if not on guard with good skin hygiene. Vitamin C is contained in tomatoes is able to neutralize the oil on your face. So yes pakenya routine.

5. Healing burned skin UVI sun sanar

Stringed sun is greatly needed by the skin untuksintesis provitamin D in our skin, but if the sun is too hot and the skin will make a long strike damaged and dead skin cells so that it feels like a burn. This dapt solved with masks tomatoes mixed with yughurt

6. Leather added bright

Who wants to have a face bright and clean? I am sure you would like to have it, including myself. Make masks tomatoes mixed with honey and use deh in the face, wait a few minutes and rinse with cool water.

No Man's Sky how to get much Iridium

One of the many problems we encountered in No Man’s Sky leaving aside the problems technicians- is to get a good amount of materials to improve our ships and multi tool, or just to get many units as quickly as possible.

As to improve our team, iridium is an essential resource, but it is not as common as other materials from the vast world of No Man’s Sky, so today we show you how to get much faster iridium.

Where to find the Iridium

Instead of loitering infinitely for all the planets in the galaxy in which we find if we find Iridio, we have to go to the outer space with the ship. If you do not yet know, the ships incorporate guns with which we can shoot the asteroids found throughout space, and be destroyed us provide the appropriate resource depending on the type of material that is.

Among all those asteroids in space is iridium, but we must find some a little specific. First, we have to go direct to the largest asteroids of more or less smooth and regular surface. We can distinguish Tamio9 asteroids composed by these two characteristics, but not always the principle will be fulfilled.

In addition, we can also find iridium on planets, but we usually find on planets that have radiation. If we are in a galaxy where there is no planet with radiation it will take less time to find iridium looking directly into space with the ship, but it is possible to find planets.

Before getting down to work to farm much iridium with which to improve our team, do not forget to stop by our guides by visiting to make the most of the title of Hello Games, for example, get passes Atlas, get the hiperturbo or repair the ship Quick. Explore space and reach the center of the universe will be much easier.

The territory of the middle range is, undoubtedly, the most varied and competitive today. Occur almost weekly, new devices that break the barrier of what previously considered as an excellent value for money. Ended the era of disburse 600 or 700 euros on a new flagship, and may get a device of medium-high range that offers extraordinary characteristics for less than half the price.

Therefore, users direct their attention increasingly more towards this sector of the market, which in turn provides an opportunity to try new devices. And is it not have had paying about 200 euros and renewing your smartphone a year who spent 599 euros and know that until you’ve squeezed him to the last cent, you won’t get rid of it. If you are a “restless ass” in this sense and you like to change your terminal every few minutes, you know what I mean.

Design and performance are no longer exclusive high-end

Best of all is that we have reached such a level that lines that differentiate one range of another are more diffuse. The so-called range average-premium today makes use of materials such as aluminum or the glass, previously reserved for the elite and designs that make question one’s own decisions in terms of smartphones. If we introduce us in terms of hardware, we do more than confirm what we already know.

To compete with the ultra-asequible line of processors helium from MediaTek, which is providing amazing results for their price, Qualcomm made reality the Snapdragon 650 and 652. These two SoCs for “mid-range”, if it is that they belong to that range, not only are they vying with the likes of the 808 Snapdragon chips, but in the majority of benchmarks can exceed it. This leads to a conclusion, and is spending less than 200 euros we can get a device that will give excellent results, well above its price.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, the best smartphone for less than 200 euros

Without a doubt, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro is the best that we can get our money for less than 200 euros. If we put together in a same terminal a Snapdragon 650 processor, 2/3 GB of RAM and 16/32 GB of storage (more microSD), in addition to a 4,000 mAh battery, we will have a very interesting device. However, if we now finish off saying that it can get below $ 200, we have a smartphone worthy of purchase.

As software is concerned, we are pleasantly surprised by one of the most mature customization layers that can be found today. MIUI is behind him, possibly one of the best stands of almost any ROM, and is thanks to the advanced user community that boasts. Therefore, thanks to features such as their design, materials manufacturing and software, we can consider Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro as the best smartphone for less than 200 euros.

The version of 16 GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM can get up to 174 euros on sites like Amazon or Ebay, while the 3/32 GB version is around 210 euros. That Yes, if you don’t mind to wait longer at the expense of slightly more buy it cheap, you can always resort to Chinese stores such as GearBest.

Are there any other options?

Of course, and one of the main is the Moto G4, although not the only one. With this device, we found a pure software experience that with Xiaomi, although we also lose what hardware is concerned, since this is quite below the Redmi Note 3 Pro. To this day, we can find the Moto G4 Plus for 216 euros in its version of 16 GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM.

Options does not end here, since Meizu is another listed companies if you want to make the most of your phone spending the least amount of money. Meizu M3 Note specifically enjoys an enviable, while specifications more than capable design. Version 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage should not exceed 180 euros, so we just also saving money if our budget is, at most, 200 euros.

Do you think of the options proposed for less than 200 euros? do you think it is worth spending more than 500 euros for a smartphone?

There to share the experience of my colleagues owner rack maker who has a website at. Business in the area minimarket / supermarket on today’s society has a tantalizing prospect to add to your coffers. Display a minimarket / supermarket is clean, neat, and comfortable will make more and more visitors are coming to your place. There are two basic tips that you can apply in the minimarket / supermarket you, namely:


Racking in the minimarket / supermarket is affecting your store look more attractive so that visitors. There are a few tips for positioning shelves minimarket / supermarket, among others:

Choose the type and size of the rack to fit your needs;
Calculate the distance between the shelves that are not too tight (the alley way / hall) at least 1 meter;
Every empty corner of minimarket / supermarket shelf can be used for the placement of a corner;
If possible give sufficient space in front of the minimarket / supermarket you that can be used for promotional purposes;
Position the counter at the exit of the minimarket / supermarket you;
With proper design and layout plan efficiently will make visitors / supermarket feel comfortable to shop at your place.


The setting of placement of items to be displayed in the rack should be arranged in such a way so as to produce an atmosphere that attracts visitors of your store. There are some tips for setting the placement of goods in the rack / gondola, among others:

Place the products with high margins and turnover on the right side of the corridor to the height at eye level;
Place heavy products, such as detergents, and others on the bottom rack position.
Place the products of small and expensive as batteries, cigarettes, candy, and others can be put on the shelf the check out counter.
Place the products of basic necessities such as oil, sugar, rice, and others in a position that is less interesting because visitors will definitely keep looking for it;
Try to put the same type of products in one position so that visitors can conduct price comparisons easier;
Packaging that has the same color should not be placed next to other products. because it will make visitors confused in selecting and resulted in choosing a product that is “wrong”;
The shelves that filled more interesting than the reply is not fully charged;
The arrangement position of the goods FIFO (First In First Out) should be applied to avoid the occurrence of expiry;
So, what are you waiting, immediately contact to the needs of the shelf solutions in your business venture.

Reliable, the price is ok, certainly quality Ok Got

Has a garden with many varieties of flowers into a dream of everyone both women and men, for it is essentially a god created humans from birth were given favors beauty paket wisata pangandaran .Well not elaborate this time will provide information on places of tourist destinations are in the local area of ​​Bandung regency the garden of love or love park.

Love park is located in the village Sadu, district Soreang, Bandung regency, West Java, at an altitude of approximately 600 meters above sea level.

For the location of this love park can be reached from downtown Bandung for less than an hour using a motor vehicle. If using public transport from outside the city of Bandung you Leuwi terminal layover in length, when they arrived at the terminal is then relayed use public transport green color red strip majors Soreang long-Leuwi for 30 minutes at the rate of Rp. 7,000.

If you want to fast until you can climb colt transport, excess freight services colt is not ngetem so will quickly get enough 20-minute course, the drawback is the passenger capacity greatly exceeds the capacity to jostle his seat. After arriving at the terminal market Soreang can ride motorcycles that are often found on the market, or if you want to enjoy views of the village could rise clove or wagon Rp. 5000 and then dropped in the sand tomb Sadu hero, arrived at the tomb is the last transport to the park love using taxis approximately 2 km or traveled for 10 minutes by a track road which continues to climb. Her affection towards these places there is no transport available due to its location which is secluded and can be said to be new, it is suggested here if you want to wear a personal vehicle.

Taman love was new was established in early 2016 is still in the stage of expansion, as the name appeal lure is there are two symbols of the heart shape made from plants, side by side, one green and one purple, around her tumbuhi with various types of flowers. Other charm no less interesting because it is located on the hill, you can see the view of Bandung so clearly at this altitude. This place is so famous among school kids, during the day the park love be crowded to just rest and berfhoto-fhoto selfie, suggested if want to park love come in the morning because you can watch the sunrise, when daytime air there hot enough.

Amenities at the park love this provided the mosque, public toilets, parking, some relaxing comfortable seating and a small cafe. During the visit there you are not allowed to bring food and drinks from outside, where cleanliness is preferred. Open from 08.00 to 18.00, at night the week the place is open until 21:00 hours.

Because travel is still new and in the promotion stage, you do not need to pay admission alias gratisan.hehe, enough to pay for parking only Rp. 2000 You can enjoy the park as much love, so hurry you come here while there’s still a promo, may be predicted within the next 3 months love this park will be completed fully.

I’ve finished giving info Local tourist destination this area, may be your next travel mailing list, thanks.

Sport is one way of discouraging calf quickly and naturally that has proved successful. Betis big feet turned out to be a problem in itself, especially for a woman. Looks sexy body and legs look shorter if it has a large calf. How to shrink the calf can be done in various ways, one of which is liposuction.

Liposuction is a way to quickly shrink calf is quite popular. But unfortunately it is not an effective way because the fat will come back again. Moreover, this way will lead to your health impaired. Therefore, it is better you use natural way. Betis big legs due to various factors, generally caused by fat, genetic factors, lack of exercise, and the use of jeans that triggers blood flow is not smooth.

How to Shrink Betis

How to shrink naturally calf that you can do that is by increasing the drinking water, multiply consume protein intake, the emphasis on eating fruits and vegetables, do not eat junk food. Besides these ways, you can do so by way of the sport. As for some of the sports that can shrink the calf walking lunges, jump squats, leg Circles, Theraband leg curl, jump rope, biking, and swimming.

1. Walking lunges Walking lunges an easy sport to play down the calf. The way you stand up straight and then put both hands dipinggul. Kecangkan your stomach muscles then start with your left foot. Bend your right leg parallel to the floor to form a 90 degree angle. Make sure the left leg does not touch the floor as the leg right. After that hold a few minutes, then re-do the movement with the left leg bent. Ulagi 10 to 15 times faster so that your calf is small.

2. Jump squats conference is kind of exercise squats next to how to shrink calf. The trick is to stand up and open your legs hip-width apart. Tighten your stomach kebagaian in later then bend your thighs parallel to the floor. Then hop then position your body to place the original, do it this way 10 to 15 times.

3. Leg Circles To perform leg circles tertentang start by lying down and tighten your abdominal muscles. Bend your left leg while the right foot in the lift ketas. Make a circular motion on the right foot clockwise and counter-clockwise 10 times each. After the lower right leg and do the same way with the left foot, do this movement 10 to 15 times.

4. Theraband leg curl How to shrink calf with Theraband leg curl is by wrapping Theraband in your left ankle, then lie facedown on mastras. Bend both your hands to the body resting on elbows elbow and then bend your knees left leg while exhaling it slowly. That’s some way of discouraging the calf that you can do easily at home. That way you do not have to do a liposuction which increase the costs and also dangerous. If done routinely definitely a great calf will shrink. So be sure to do the above manner routinely yes.

The wonderful track by Don McLean called “Vincent”, generally known as “Starry Starry Night” was one of the early 1970s’ most popular melodies. It is lyrics are important and strong and mixed as well as an almost eerie yet reflective music ranking, inform an account about a male who existed within an era and culture that was unable to acknowledge or understand him.

Vincent van Gogh is identified nowadays as you of historyis greatest designers. Nevertheless, his recognition was never recognized during his lifetime. Infact, Vincent was a person that is considerably misunderstood and troubled. He was suffering from schizophrenia and despair and even though he came from a rich family, they did not acknowledge or appreciate him because of this situation. Eventually, it got the higher of him and he needed his own existence.

The music of Don McLean reveals that he was significantly impressed with all the gentleman. A lot of the lyrics identify various paintings of the artist, including landscapes – “drawing daffodils and the woods… in colors about the snowy linen area”… “day areas of amber wheat” and not to your investment namesake painting after which the tune was called – The Starry Night. His popular painting “Sunflowers” gets a mention inside the tune – “flaming plants that brightly blaze”. The performer also developed several self portraits which were not acknowledged during his lifetime were, “put in empty halls, frameless minds on walls that were nameless “. But his observations of the poor’s predicament – “tattered men in torn garments”… ” people lined in pain” – were his excited communication for the fortunate of his day. Getbanjo Music store

But compared through all nature’s beauty, was the “darkness of a tormented ” in my heart and declined male. Loving through the communication in his function, towards the poor’s challenge, he “tried setting them free”. But alas, “they did not hear, they did not knowhow”.

Lastly, is a mention of the the ultimate suicide of Van Gogh. The discomfort of rejection and despair couldn’t conquer the love he’d for his art. Being not absolutely ridiculous yet somehow battling recurring emotional discomfort, he “sustained for his sanity”. His artwork and Van Gogh were like addicts in a relationship, but ” they are able to not enjoy you ” and in the end ” you needed your life as enthusiasts often do”.

After studying a guide about the existence of the performer, Don McLean was obviously impressed from the man herself therefore, wrote his melody as being a gratitude. He sensed so and he grasped the person published: “and today I understand…and today I believe I know…” The artist’s soul plainly moved him and his words, created in the first-person, summarize his feelings: “I really could have told you Vincent, the planet was never designed for one when you as beautiful “.

chair child

Fuller women generally find it difficult to spot plus size clothing and also the few designers wear that they might like. There are only a few departmental shops that offer very less stock of fashionable clothes however you can check out online as this is where you can find some of the perfect clothing. For the women that are bulky this is no more going to be disadvantageous. Due to the increase in number of sources and brands for purchasing there is lot of stock that is no made available. Even if these cost high it will be a valuable purchase.

With the increasing popularity of the online stores you are sure to find the best stuff for you when you research well. Plus size fashion is now gaining a lot of popularity and therefore there have been many brands coming up with a lot of stuff to be offered. You do not have to be de-motivated when it comes to styling because these clothes are also very stylish and can help you flatter your body.

These days there are multiple websites online where you can look for these plus size fashion clothing. There are many departmental stores and also a few other brands who are listed over the internet. You can check out their websites and look for all the latest trends. The best part of shopping online is that you will have a wider selection to choose from. In the store there are chances that clothing might not appeal you as there are fewer choices available however at the time you select some site you can be assured that you can find something really nice on the basis of your requirements.

You should know that being plus sized does not mean that you just stick to your ugly stretch pants and some huge shirt or tops. There are lot of choices from which you can select for all occasions as there are lot of different plus size tops and pants available. You are sure to find all kind of plus size stuff when you research well over the web.

Prior to begin with this it is essential that you have complete information on it. All brands do not have same sizes for plus size dresses. Hence it is essential that you check out the size chart prior to purchasing anything that you like. Over the web you are sure to find everything from swimwear to the seasonal clothing and some other formal dresses too.

Ensure you check out for the plus size clothing sites that offer you with best after sale services. This will include reverse and exchange in case you do not like the stuff ordered. This can prove to be very advantageous as there is possibility of you getting confused with the colors and sizes at the time of ordering things from online site.

Lastly you need to pay attention to the shipping and delivery process of the site that you have selected. Plus size clothing is very expensive and it does not make any sense to pay additional shipping charge. Thus it is very important that you check whether they offer you with free shipping and cash on delivery option also. With this your shopping will become simple.